”[…] in seeking to understand other people and how they differ from us, anthropologists tend to focus on these people’s perspectives, these people’s experiences rather than framing (and valuing) them within the perspectives of our own society.

This stance toward difference is more than an intellectual choice. It is a deeply ethical, deeply moral commitment to appreciating others on their own terms.

Anthropology intends more than that other people’s differences should be tolerated. It emphasizes that they should be valued, understood, and appreciated within the contexts in which they are lived. Anthropologists do not seek to reshape them in our own terms.” – Robert Borofsky (2005)

My name is Fredric Landgren Morefors – @antrologiskt on Twitter. I have a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology, with a minor in social psychology. I’m currently studying a masters program in social anthropology, and also, a masters program in cognitive science at Lund University.

I’m an active member of the Swedish political party Feministiskt Initiativ, and a co-contributor to the founding of Feministiskt Initiativ Helsingborg. Needless to say, the things that I publish here on this blog are my own views. I’m not a spokesperson for that party.

My interests are identity politics, political movements and mobilization, political subjectivities, marginalization and political rhetoric. I seek to understand how our political consciousness help structure our experiences, our judgement of the social world, the knowledge produced within it, and how it helps to shape our daily practices, pull some of us together while legitimizing the exclusion of ”others”.